Eaura Skincare 自向内皮肤管理

"Oriental" Is The Aesthetic Foundation Of Eaura, And "Graceful And Reserved" Is The Brand Spirit Of Eaura, Representing The Determination And Courage To Explore Balance Internally.
We Portray Different Skin Types And Characteristics, And Embrace The Demands Of The Skin And Body With A Calm Attitude, Turning The Records Of Time Into Precious Spiritual Wealth.
Eaura Is A Beauty Brand Deeply Rooted In Eastern Culture That Provides Customers With A Rich Experience. With An Eastern Approach, The Brand Embodies The Beauty Of Reserved Balance, Allowing People To Experience The Rich Culture Of Eastern Women.
护肤不一定要是大牌的、高级的、日式、欧式,也可以东方的、 内敛的、气质的。我们探索肌肤自有东方美
​​​​​​​n. The beauty of femininity from the East
Skin care does not have to be big brand, senior, Japanese, European, can also be Oriental, introverted, temperament. We explore the Oriental beauty of skin
肌肤自有东方美Skincare For Eaura的设计理念支撑起整个品牌的视觉语言.
The design concept of "Skin has its own beauty in the East" supports the entire brand's visual language.
Beauty techniques, instruments, and philosophies are found in every corner of the world, and they are presented on people's faces through different regions and ethnicities' aesthetics and acceptance.
We use the unique aesthetic concepts of ancient and modern Eastern women as the benchmark, and combine them with beauty services. We will design a visual language that is exclusive to introspection in the East for these beauty services and apply it to the brand's communication.