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Melbourne Eaura Skincare墨尔本自向内皮肤管理

「120min」Eaura Acne Skin Management

「120min」Eaura Acne Skin Management

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「120min」Eaura Acne Skin Management

Acne skin can also pursue “water-light skin”

Time: 120 Minutes Per Time

Cycle: Customized By Managers According To Skin Type

Effect: Balance Water And Oil, Sterilize And Anti-inflammatory, Fade Acne Pits And Marks Suitable For: Acne Skin, Acne-prone Skin, Acne Scar Skin

Function: Environmental Pollution, Irregular Diet And Rest, High Stress, Negative Emotions, Wrong Skin Care Habits And Abuse Of Unsuitable Skin Care Products Cause Hormone Fluctuations, Skin Barrier Damage, Facial Flora Imbalance: Skin Cells Fragile, Poor Regeneration, Easy To Be Infected By Bacteria, Acne Recurrence, Acne Marks And Pits Slow Recovery, Acne Scars Difficult To Heal.

Customize Management Process And Treatment Cycle For Different Acne Skin Types, Start From The Source, Inject Antibacterial And Anti-inflammatory Ingredients, Metabolize Cell Waste, Replace Inflammatory Mediators, Enhance Skin Immunity, Provide Nutrition For Cell Regeneration. Release Stress Hormone, Block Inflammatory Factors, Speed Up Skin Healing And Regulation, Promote Wound Healing, Rebuild Flora And Film Barrier.

Validity Period: Valid for 90 days
Availability: Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Applicable Number of People: Each group purchase coupon is limited to 1 person
Applicable People: Unisex
Reservation Rules: You need to make an online reservation two days in advance.
Purchase Limit: 1 copy per person
Other Rules: Not shared with other discounts in the store; private message the backend to make an appointment after purchase.
G&M-Eaura Skincare
Address: Level 3, 94 Elizabeth St, Melbourne.VIC 3000
Mobile: 044911O511

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