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Melbourne Eaura Skincare墨尔本自向内皮肤管理

「120min」Eaura Anti-Aging Management

「120min」Eaura Anti-Aging Management

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「120min」Eaura Anti-Aging Management

Anti-glycation, reverse time, return to youthful state

Time: 120 Minutes Per Time

Cycle: Customized By Managers According To Skin Type

Effect: Q-elastic Tender White, Remove Yellow Gas, Reverse Glycation, Tighten Skin, Reduce Wrinkles, Shrink Pores, Enhance Facial Contour, Improve Facial Edema, Create Small Face V-face

Anti-glycation: Sponge Bone Needle + Transdermal Penetration, Deliver Anti-glycation Substances, Double Block Glycation, Reverse Glycation, Anti-oxidation, Remove Yellow Gas, Enhance Glossiness, Restore Elasticity, Maintain Youthful State.

Loose, Wrinkled, Sagging: Rf Radio Frequency Increases Dermal Temperature, Promotes Collagen Regeneration, Tightens Skin; Nano-conduction Technology, Delivers A Variety Of Peptide Ingredients, Repairs Skin Barrier, Replenishes Collagen Raw Materials And Stimulation Signals, Reduces Free Radicals, Shrinks Pores; Oxyen Shc550 Instant Firming Anti-wrinkle, Rebuilds Collagen Arrangement, Clear Contour.

Validity Period: Valid for 90 days
Availability: Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Applicable Number of People: Each group purchase coupon is limited to 1 person
Applicable People: Unisex
Reservation Rules: You need to make an online reservation two days in advance.
Purchase Limit: 1 copy per person
Other Rules: Not shared with other discounts in the store; private message the backend to make an appointment after purchase.
G&M-Eaura Skincare
Address: Level 3, 94 Elizabeth St, Melbourne.VIC 3000
Mobile: 044911O511

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