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「New」6 Times Eaura Treatment Packs

「New」6 Times Eaura Treatment Packs

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This packs contains

4 Times Eaura Skin Problems Treatment「90min/time」

2 Times Eaura Body Massage Treatment「45min/time」



Eaura Skin Problems Treatment「90min/time」

Eaura has developed an exclusive beauty care service that recognizes that each person's skin type and needs are unique, and requires different custom care solutions to meet different needs.

At Eaura, our skincare professionals analyze and measure your skin in detail, selecting the best ingredient ratios and care plans to suit your skin's needs, to achieve the best beauty results.

Eaura's customized facial is a personalized beauty service designed to provide the most suitable care plan and products based on each individual's skin type and condition. This skincare service typically includes the following steps:

  1. Skin analysis: Our beauty professionals analyze your skin, including skin type (oily, dry, combination, etc.), sensitivity, flaws, and other features. This helps to determine the most suitable care plan and product combination that best meets your skin needs.

  2. Customized care plan: Based on the condition of your skin, our beauty professionals will tailor a personalized care plan for you, which may focus on specific needs like sensitivity, acne, dermatitis, whitening, anti-aging, etc.

  3. Selection of the most suitable skincare products: Eaura has a stock of over 100 skincare products, and our beauty professionals will select the most suitable skincare products for you based on your skin type and needs, including cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, etc. All of these products are custom-made on Eaura's independent production line of 3000 square meters in China.

  4. Care process: Our beauty professionals provide professional skincare services based on the customized care plan and selected products, including skin cleansing, stimulation, nutrition supplementation, skin repair, and skin protection, etc.



Eaura Body Massage Treatment「45min/time」

Detoxification and Energy Boosting Massage
Duration: 45 minutes
Target Area: Head, Shoulders, and Neck
Pressure: Gentle to Moderate
Suitable for: People who are fatigued and weak
Principle: Lymphatic drainage massage can promote lymphatic circulation, sense the speed, direction, and level of lymphatic reflux, and reproduce the path of lymphatic reflux. It helps eliminate waste from the body, improve immunity, unblock meridians, regulate endocrine, promote metabolism, and enhance beauty and skin care.


Validity Period: Valid for 360 days
Availability: Monday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Reservation Rules: You need to make an online reservation two days in advance.
Other Rules: Not shared with other discounts in the store; private message the backend to make an appointment after purchase.
G&M-Eaura Skincare
Address: Level 3, 94 Elizabeth St, Melbourne.VIC 3000
Mobile: 044911O511

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