Collection: Eaura Skin Problems Treament自向内问题肌皮肤管理

 Eaura creates a "full-sensory skin experience" that immerses customers in a three-dimensional sensory experience of shape, sound, smell, taste, and touch. With 20 sets of skin management programs, Eaura integrates Nepalese Kathmandu Japa Tis bowl, Japanese Power Tree sculpting rod, aromatherapy, traditional Chinese ear acupuncture, Japanese facial contouring, and nutritional supplements to provide unique and customized services, exploring the beauty of skin balance from the inside out.

Different from most beauty salons, Eaura has an independent research and development center and a complete production line in its factory in China. By using top-notch international raw material supply, independent and low-sensitive anti-corrosion system, and rigorous clinical testing, Eaura customizes unique skincare products for Australian customers. With skin problems and keratin condition as the coordinates, Eaura has developed a skin supply matrix covering more than 300 skincare products to meet the needs of different skin types.

During its eight years in Melbourne, Eaura has provided skin management services to tens of thousands of customers, earning a strong sense of responsibility and efficient skin performance, which has attracted many loyal customers over the years. Eaura Skincare is from the G&M Beauty Group in Melbourne.